Be a Cambridge TKT certified English teacher.

This website provides FREE courses on all the three TKT core modules and mock exams that will get you a Band 4.

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Getting TKT certified doesn't have to be so hard.

You want to enter English teaching field. Perhaps, you are already in service. You know being TKT qualified adds weight to your professional CV. However, there could be some reasons that stop you from getting in.

  • TKT preparation courses may not available in the city you live.
  • Attending these classes may not be possible due to distance, dates and time.
  • These preparation courses can be quite expensive and you just can’t afford them.  

Let's fix them.

Our website helps you to

  • Self-study for TKT online. Any day, around-the-clock.
  • You can follow all the lessons in the three core modules for FREE.
  • You have access to brand new mock exams. Old past papers and sample papers are quite outdated now.
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Success stories of our TKTiers®

Nothing impresses us more than our TKTiers® getting through the exams with awesome bands! After all, it’s all about hard work and learning. Obtaining a band 4 is a dream of every TKTier and it is the only requirement you need to join ‘TKT Cambridge Hall of Fame®. It is the elite group of band 4 achievers.

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TKT Cambridge is a privately owned educational website that provides free and paid exam preparation material, courses and practice tests for all the three core modules of Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT).


Since November 2017, TKT Cambridge has grown into the largest TKT community on the planet. At present, our Facebook Page, TKT Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test, is the most active Facebook page on TKT. You can learn exam tips, try out practice questions and interact with 7500+ TKTiers from 80+ countries around the world.

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