Lesson planning advice for struggling novice teachers

Noel Perera
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Almost every teacher has a plan of the lesson in mind when he or she delivers a teaching session. This lesson plan could range from a simple checklist on mind to a formal, detailed, structured plan. Lesson plans are an essential part of the teacher’s toolbox and are developed by a teacher to guide the entire session so that every key part of the teaching session is appropriately planned, prepared and implemented in order to achieve the learning outcome(s).

We asked our teacher TKTiers how important a lesson plan is, and what could be their advice for a novice teacher who struggles with planning lessons for young learners. Here’s what they got to say. 

Lesson planning is a very important part of teaching.So, I think first teachers should consider their students interests, and also use more visuals. Another important part is considering student centre approach rather that teacher center.
Halima Fatullayeva
In today's student-centered classroom approching them with a well-prepared lesson plan is very important. A teacher should be clear about objective before creating a lesson plan, you may present it in the form of a simple flashcard to the class to make it interesting and students will also feel a better involvement. A lesson plan should not just include one single learning style, make sure that a range of learning styles are covered in the lesson plan which not only makes the lesson interesting but improves the result of the teaching session.
Marina Margoshvili
The teacher should consider his pupils' needs , interests , and learning styles. Children love learning English in a fun way (through songs, games, stories .. ). Moreover , they need more flashcards and visuals comparing to adults.
Khadîdja Djabi
The lesson plan is very important for the teacher as well as for the student. The teacher has a clear view of the lesson and that gives him/ her confidence. There should be a lot of fun activities like sing along/ flashcards games/ reading stories, acting out/ role-plays, guessing games etc.that would help the learning process .Young learners learn best when they have fun.
Aura Loredana Stefan
Lesson plan is really important for a teacher. My opinion is, if we have lesson plan, we may not be able to know our target. In our lesson plan we need to know how to attract the children, we will teach first and let the children asking questions, critical thinking, learning styles, classroom management, solve their own problems and review.
YuYu Hlaing
Lesson planning is an important guideline for a teacher. First of all a teacher needs to consider the kids age and background. Then their interests and their learning styles in order to balance the group activities and materials to be presented.
Cecilia Vazquez
First of all, we need to do the Lesson plan then session plan. In session plan, we have to add the teaching tools and materials we are going to use in class. Introduction of the lessons are to be there, and after each Lesson we need to recap and the next day before we start, we need to recall.
Khin Htwe Than
The essential part of any plan is SMART objectives. (specific measurable, achievable, realistic, timebound) Then think carefully how you can achieve the goals. Write everything in your plan. Keep in mind not only the activities, but modes of interaction ( individual work, pair, groups) and time you are going to spend on particular activity
Римма Семенова
I consider one of the most important things to do first is to know a little bit more about the context these children are and live, about their likes and dislikes , with that information it will be easier find activities for them, another important thing is that children need to have diferent materials, example this week you can use paper and glue, next week you can use dough, etc in order to cover not only your English topics but also you can be a great support to complement their knowledge. All your activities need to be short (5 min to 8 aprox)
Velvet Blue Queen
Practice a lot at home for short lessons after reading samples of lessons plan by writing the headline of a lesson plan and try to think and write down step by step on each part of your chosen lessons the details about the goals , tools, functions and the skills pre and while phases.
Rahma Azaiez Benyoussef

All the answers mentioned here are authentic ones contributed by our TKTiers.
Thank you, TKTiers! 


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