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Module One | Describing language and language skills

Write down five dissimilar exponents for every single one of the functions given below.

  1. Introducing yourself
  2. Thanking
  3. Apologizing
  4. Asking for clarification
  5. Suggesting

Now have a look at your list of exponents. Make an ‘F’ mark to show which ones are formal, an ‘N’ mark to show which are neutral and an ‘I’ mark to show which are informal.  

Read your list again and decide which of your exponents are appropriate to teach to beginner level students.

Given below are some comments from teachers about the functions of grammar. Which of the comments do you agree with? Why or why not?

  1. Grammar is much more difficult to teach than functions.
  2. It is not necessary for students to learn the names of the functions. Just a few of the exponents would be enough.
  3. For students who are in the beginner level, functions are too complicated and consist of much too difficult grammar to learn.


Match the sentences with the functions. There is an extra function which is unnecessary.

Example sentences:
(1) I don’t believe that is a good option.
(2) It’s a beautiful car
(3) I am much bigger
(4) I would love to travel to another country.
(5) I’m not sure if she would help, but she might.
(6) What I’m trying to say is…

(A) Describing
(B) Clarifying
(C) Comparing
(D) Speculating
(E) Disagreeing
(F) Suggesting
(G) Wishing


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