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Lexis for TKT

‘Lexis’ is the second lesson of TKT Module 1. In most TKT Module 1 papers, you will find a question based on this lesson. As vocabulary is a main aspect in any language, you are expected to have very good grasp of lexis usage in both the written and spoken form of English. 

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What are the focus of testing?

You will be tested on

  • Types of meaning
  • Word formation
  • Word groupings
  • Register

Tell me about this course on lexis

Is it free?
Yes, this course on lexis is a free course.

Does it cover up everything in detail?
Not in detail, but it will be an ideal revision to brush up what you have already know about lexis. On the other hand, it’s not quite practical to set up a comprehensive short term course on a very general subject area such as lexis.

Do I need to sign up?
Yes and it’s a one-time sign up. It’s more like you get registered with us as a TKTier. Once you are registered, you can follow all of our free courses with no need of signing up separately on each.

How do I sign up and proceed through?
Click on the GET STARTED button below. You will be taken to the course page where you will be asked to sign up. Once you signed up, you will be taken to the course player where you can proceed with the course.

Do I need to purchase any stuff after completing the course?
You may come across with our TKT products which will enrich your learning, but you are under no obligation to purchase any. 

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