TKT Module Two

Part one: Planning and preparing a lesson or sequence of lessons

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Identifying and selecting aims
What we want students to learn or be able to do by the end of a lesson, a series of lessons or the whole course. Aims concentrate on different things. For example, they can focus on a function or a grammatical structure, on the vocabulary of a certain topic or even on developing a language skill.
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Choosing assessment activities
An assessment means collecting information about a student’s academic performance to make judgments about how they are learning. A teacher can decide to assess their students formally or informally.
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Part two: Selection and use of resources

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The selection and use of teaching aids
The resources and equipment which are there for the teachers to use in the classroom and the resources that the teachers can bring into the classroom are what we call aids.
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Using reference resources for lesson preparation
Sources of information about language and about teaching that can be referred to for assistance in lesson preparation are all called reference resources.
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